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 Warsong[Instant 200][2.4.3]:

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PostSubject: Warsong[Instant 200][2.4.3]:   Warsong[Instant 200][2.4.3]: I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 24, 2014 12:51 am

*[Rev-49]Tier 3 (the Eye)loot is updated
*[Rev-48]Blackwing Lair Key Removed.
*[Rev-47]Tier 4(Blackwing Lair) loot Updated.
*[Rev-46]New way for Tiers upgrade
*[Rev-45]Announce on PvP kill script released.
*[Rev-44]Chat for new characters is disabled until they get 15 mins playtime.
*[Rev-43]Donate Rewarder NPC Released.
*[Rev-42]Vote Rewarder NPC Released.
*[Rev-41].buff and .vipbuff commands Added.
*[Rev-40]Rename/Gender Changer NPC Released.
*[Rev-39]Race Changer NPC Released.
*[Rev-38]New Token (Tools Token) Released.
*[Rev-37]Core Updates.
*[Rev-36]Core Updates.
*[Rev-35]When you a player die in PvP Mall and release got teleported to mall.
*[Rev-34]PvP Mall zone is changed.
*[Rev-33]Hyjal Summit is disabled for now
*[Rev-32]Tier 6 is moved to SWP
*[Rev-31]Tier 5 is moved to Black Temple
*[Rev-30] [Event Winner's Coin] + Event quests Added
*[Rev-29]Seal of Command (Paladin) dmg is nerfed.
*[Rev-28]New Tele NPC in PvP zones
*[Rev-27]New PvP Mall Released.
*[Rev-26]New Shoping Mall Released.
*[Rev-25]For first time in our realm Level Zone Released.
*[Rev-24]New VIP NPC Released.
*[Rev-23]Season 2 Displays is changed.
*[Rev-22]Damage from Flametongue Enchant is nerfed.
*[Rev-22]Quests for Golden Insane Gladiator's Set Do not require more Vote Tokens.
*[Rev-21]Season 2 Released(Forsaken Gladiator's)
*[Rev-20]Season 1 Set name is now Tyrannical Gladiator's.
*[Rev-19]Normal Donate Set now is Arena Set (S1).
*[Rev-18]Arena points flush now on every day.
*[Rev-17]Bosses in SWP/BT/HYJAL(t5) are now nerfed and loots chance is increased.
*[Rev-16]Bosses in BWL(t4) are now nerfed and loots chance is increased.
*[Rev-15]Bosses in The Eye(t3) are now nerfed and loots chance is increased.
*[Rev-14]Bosses in Ragefire Chasm(t2) are now nerfed and loots chance is increased.
*[Rev-13]Overrun speed is changed to 70% with 1 minute cooldown.
*[Rev-12]Commands .tele and .goname cant be used anymore in combat!!.
*[Rev-12]New Heal NPC Released
*[Rev-11]New morpher NPC Released
*[Rev-10]Torment of the Worgen spell dmg now is capped to around 500k dmg.
*[Rev-9]Mage dmg is little nerfed.
*[Rev-8]Flying exploit is fixed.
*[Rev-7]Everything is remaked for the new Core
*[Rev-6]Testing new Core
*[Rev-5]Realm is moved to new better host machine.
*[Rev-4]World Boss Spehan and Christmas quests removed.
*[Rev-3]New Fun Quests added.
*[Rev-2]New World Boss (Spehan) spawned.
*[Rev-1]New Christmas Mall Released!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Warsong[Instant 200][2.4.3]:   Warsong[Instant 200][2.4.3]: I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2015 9:16 pm

cant wait to come back!
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Warsong[Instant 200][2.4.3]:
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