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 Adams Unban Request.

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Adams Unban Request. Empty
PostSubject: Adams Unban Request.   Adams Unban Request. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2015 10:41 am

1 - The character/account or IP that is banned ! Account : Bandiez12

2 - The reason of your ban ! Well it says here on the website "Advertising" but I never advertised on thy account, Yes, I did advertise and that account got banned but they also banned this one. It was not an IP ban.

3 - Who Banned you ? I can't even remember, It was a while ago.

4 - Why should we Unban you ? I cannot give a valid answer to that question, I would promise to behave but, after all, It is the staffs decision.

5 - Anything else to add? (100 Words) I do apologise for my behaviour when I last played, Hopefully the staff could forgive me and I could get back to helping people gear p and level. I hope you will have time to read my Form and give me some feedback. Thank you.
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Adams Unban Request.
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