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 3 in 1 event.

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PostSubject: 3 in 1 event.   Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:11 am

So I was thinking of a event with 3 parts.
I used to host it back in the days, hope it would be useful!

So here is the deal,
The very first part is a
Hns Event!
- The first 10 players who find the hiding char automatically move to
the next part of the event, which is..
Roll Event!
- The rules are simple: Everyone rolls one by one and the highest five rolls continues to the next step.
The third part is a..
Transformation Event. P.S. Noggenfogger elixir event.
- And here are the rules: Everybody who drinks the elixir and doesn't transform into a skeleton wins.
P.S. The noggenfogger event ends when there is just 1 player left who has not transformed during the
drinking battles Exclamation

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3 in 1 event.
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