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PostSubject: Stratholme   Wed May 14, 2014 1:32 pm

Greetings InsaneWoW players. I would like to brief you in on the newest instance we have added "Stratholme". There is a key for it as most of you will already know. The key is gain by Donating for the Keyring Treasure Box or by doing the Quest Chain from the Panda (King of Hellfire) in the mall.

In this new instances there are 2 kinds of items you can get. The first ones are New Invincible Insane Gladiator's Weapons. These weapons can be either bought from the Donation Weps NPC or by doing the quests for them. The quests for them are quite easy you just need to have the Current Tier 6 weapon and a head shown in the quest. This so called "head" can be looted from the bosses in the new instance.

There is 1 more kind of items which you can get by doing Stratholme - Rings , Trinket, Necklaces and Capes - Accessories. They are also dropped by the bosses in Stratholme but the catch here is that you need to have Exalted Reputation in a certain zone(The zone's Name is "Argent Dawn). You increase the reputation for it by killing the little skeletons in the instances.

I wish you good luck, and best regards.
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