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 New changes and updates !

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PostSubject: New changes and updates !   Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:28 pm

Greetings to everyone. I would like to inform you on the new changes we have done and will be working from now on. 

We have Lowered (Nerfed) The damage from each class to a cap decided by our Staff. We tried and made it more balanced we have fixed the issue of Warriors not stunning people with chars and other similar spells.

Donor sets are now changed - There are now 8 Donor parts for each class. There are 3 new packs for Donor sets.

There is The "Donor Full pack treasure box" which contains all 8 parts of the set. There is the "Donor Main-Set treasure box" which contains 5 Donor parts (Helmet,Shoulders,Chest,Legs,Gloves). And the 3rd one is "Donor Off-set treasure Box" Which Contains 3 Donor parts (Boots,Belt,Bracers). All of these boxes will be available with the coming and the usage of the changes.

The other change that we have made is that we made Custom Daily quests for each faction (Alliance/Horde). Each faction will now have a daily quest to conquer Stormwind City / Orgrimmar. The guards in these capital cities are made with more health and more damage as well as the Leader of each City.

We hope that you will like the new changes and enjoy InsaneWoW even more. 
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New changes and updates !
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