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 Changes of Arenas

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PostSubject: Changes of Arenas    Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:08 pm

At the next server restart all of the Arena teams will be deleted and new things will start. We are deleting all the arena teams so we can start off from 0 and have rewards for all of the Winners of every season. We are also doing it because of the high amount of complaint that is from High rated teams that are so called "Farmed". So now arena farming is pretty much impossible.

From now on teams with 100 points difference can go into a battle.
There will be rewards for the winners of the season for 2v2 // 3v3 // 5v5.

2v2 - Minimum rating 2000 - The Number 1 Ranked team will get 2 Chars Full T5.

3v3 - Minimum Rating 1900 - The Number 1 Ranked Team will get 3 Chars Full T6.

5v5 - Minimum rating 1800 - The Number 1 Ranked Team will get 5 Chars Full T7 with the rest of his items T6.

The rewards will be given by : Rhan // Speco

1 season is 61 days long - 2 months
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Changes of Arenas
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