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 Spelguardion Game Master Application

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PostSubject: Spelguardion Game Master Application   Spelguardion Game Master Application I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2015 5:08 pm

1. What is your real name and In-game Nickname (Main-Character) ?

 Name: Ricardo Pêgo     Game Nickname: Spelguardion / Riscoz

2. How old are you ?

I am 22 year old.

3. Where are you from and in which Time Zone is your Country Located (GTM+/-) ?

  Im from Portugal, time zone is (GMT + 1:00).

4. How long have you played World of Warcraft ?

  I have played for about 6/7 years.

5. How long have you been playing in InsaneWoW ?

  I have played on this server for about 2/3 years without counting the time i was left, (personal reasons).

6. Why do you want to become a GM in our server ?

  Because i like to be helpfull, like to be a person that can make anything for a good comunity.

7. Have you ever been a Game Master, Developer, Admin or a Moderator in any other World of Warcraft Server, and what experiences do you have ?

  Yes, i was Game Master in this same server.
  About the experiences i have enough experience has a gm (i think that time i was in i did a good job, at least noone complained about it xD ) and if necessary im ready to learn more.

8. How long have you been a GM, and why did you leave ?

  I was GM for like one and a half year, and left due to health problems.

9. If a Higher Level Game Master tells you to ban someone for abuse, what will you do ?

 That is a tricky question, but i think i will ask him first the reason for that action and try to confirm the version.

10. What will you do if you see a hacker ?

  I will ban him.

11. What will you do if your friend is insulting people on the world chat and trying to scam others?

 I will tell him to stop it, if he keep going i will have to ban him, friends cant have benefits.

12. Have you ever been in a conflict that will result into a kick/ban, If yes with who and what was the reason ?

 Nope never.

13. Are you able to handle situations that put you under pressure ?

  Yeah sure , just need to keep my head fresh.

14. How good do you know English ?

 My english is good.

15. What other languages do you know ?

 Portuguese and Spanish.

16. How often are you online and how much time are you able to give to our server as a GM?

  Now i can be online almost all the time ( but i need to sleep and eat xD ), soo about 5/6 hours, maybe more.

17. Are you familiar with all of our Rules and Regulations ?


18. Why should we pick you for the position, what can you contribute to our server ?

  Because i alreay have experience has GM, never had problems with anyone and i already know the staff members.
  I can contribute with more help and new ideas.

19. What qualities do you have that separate you from the other candidates ?

  Im friendly and helpfull guy.

20. What can we improve in InsaneWoW and what will be a good change in your Opinion ?

  We just need to get more people in, the most people we get the most fun we will have.

21. What do you think is the most important thing that a Game Master has to do ?

  In my opinion the most important thing is clear the rules breaker guys and make the server more active (make some new things, that werent made before).

22. If a player teleports in combat and 10 players are telling you "Ban Him vip abuse" what will you do ?

  If i see it i will ban him, if i dont i will ask them what happened and tell them to give me proves.

23. What will you do if you are hosting an event and players start appearing each other and the event goes out of control ?

 I would freeze them and give them a warning, at the second time i would give them a kick and if they repeat it i would ban them.

24. Do you know any Game Masters/Admins in our server ? Your opinion on them ?

  Yes i know them all. They are friendly and helpfull.

25. How can we contact you ?

  Skype: rjapego
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Spelguardion Game Master Application
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