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 Onetami's GM Application

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PostSubject: Onetami's GM Application   Onetami's GM Application I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2015 4:40 pm

1. What is your real name and In-game Nickname (Main-Character) ?

Zachary Smith (real name)
Onetami (in-game name)

2. How old are you ?


3. Where are you from and in which Time Zone is your Country Located (GTM+/-) ?

Eastern Standard time (GTM - 6)

4. How long have you played World of Warcraft ?

10 years

5. How long have you been playing in InsaneWoW ?

4 ish months

6. Why do you want to become a GM in our server ?

I've noticed that during the time that I play, which is early morning on the server, their are no GMs online. I want to fill the gap and make sure theres a GM online at all times to assist people with their questions and problems

7. Have you ever been a Game Master, Developer, Admin or a Moderator in any other World of Warcraft Server, and what experiences do you have ?

I've was a GM on aniwow for 2 years as well as i've created a small lvl 255 custom private server. I've done everything from custom item creations, state balancing, creating ingame content, being a GM, hiring new GMs, and handling donation issues

8. How long have you been a GM, and why did you leave ?

I was a GM for 2 years before the server went offline because of issues with the owners personal life

9. If a Higher Level Game Master tells you to ban someone for abuse, what will you do ?

I would need to confirm that the person was actually doing illegal actions first and then if they are, deal with it appropriately

10. What will you do if you see a hacker ?

I would give them a temp 1 day ban as a warning, and if they continue give them a permanent ban. Unless they were damage hacking and using it to get gear for other people, than I would permanently ban.

11. What will you do if your friend is insulting people on the world chat and trying to scam others?

Mute them in chat for an hour and let them know to not harass people in world chat or scam. If it continues, increase the severity of the punishment.

12. Have you ever been in a conflict that will result into a kick/ban, If yes with who and what was the reason ?


13. Are you able to handle situations that put you under pressure ?

Yes. I have worked with strict deadlines at my job and have completed the task with no errors.

14. How good do you know English ?

I believe the correct way is to say "How well do you know english" and i'm fluent in english.

15. What other languages do you know ?

I know a little bit of spanish.

16. How often are you online and how much time are you able to give to our server as a GM?

I'm online every day for at least 2-3 hours, but I can give as many as 8-10 hours a day of service.

17. Are you familiar with all of our Rules and Regulations ?

I understand you cant win trade in pvp, no hacking of course, english only in world chat, as well as the rules for VIP's.

18. Why should we pick you for the position, what can you contribute to our server ?

I have the experience that other people don't have, so I wont need training in commands as well as the rules of the server. Also, I live in america which means I can close the gap of having no GMs online.

19. What qualities do you have that separate you from the other candidates ?

I'm outgoing as well as I have an up beat attitude, so I wont be the negative GM that's always angry at people. I can be fair when needed as well as stern when the time calls for it.

20. What can we improve in InsaneWoW and what will be a good change in your Opinion ?

The only change I would have made was removing the key quest needed. But you all just recently changed that, so good job Smile Also, maybe make it to where the higher tier bosses drop the actually item and not have you required to have the previous tier, because its very very very difficult to find enough people to full clear the higher level content.

21. What do you think is the most important thing that a Game Master has to do ?

Keep the server from becoming chaotic. If the GMs let people farm honor or hack then new players are going to get the wrong impression of the server and leave.

22. If a player teleports in combat and 10 players are telling you "Ban Him vip abuse" what will you do ?

I would need to see proof of him abusing before I would do anything. If he actually was abusing then I would remove his VIP access.

23. What will you do if you are hosting an event and players start appearing each other and the event goes out of control ?

I would end the event and give a temp 20 minutes ban to the people abusing their VIP powers

24. Do you know any Game Masters/Admins in our server ? Your opinion on them ?

Speco: handles the tickets very quickly and very well

Dreamside: Very very VERY friendly. Likes the hang out and talk to people.

Soeren: Sets up the events almost every day and they are a lot of fun. I haven't seen one of his events go wrong.

25. How can we contact you ?

Message me in game on Onetami
Skype: Zac Smith
I can give personal number if you would like it.
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Onetami's GM Application
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