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 newbie here

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PostSubject: newbie here   Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:46 pm

Hello, i would like to ask some questions regarding this server.

1)Where am i suppose to find and download TBC? could u assist me with some link ?
2)What are the rates of the server? what different about it compare to original TBC?
3)Is the server P2W? Meaning, do donators get BETTER stats in end-game through items, buffs, skill etc compare to normal players?
4)Do accounts delete after a specific amount of time?

Thank you in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: newbie here   Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:31 pm

1)You can download TBC from any pirate torrent site.
2)I don't know the rates, but you are 1-200 for 2-3 hours if you level alone
3) Not much, Donators just become strong faster than normal players. Tier 8 player easily can kill donor if he is skilled
4) No account are not deleting after specific amount of time.
Hope i helped you a bit (:

                                                                                              Best Regards Deathraiser
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newbie here
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