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 ArenaLive for TBC 2.4.3

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PostSubject: ArenaLive for TBC 2.4.3   Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:01 am

Disclaimer: These are NOT PvE based unitframes. They are meant for PvP. Use in PvE at your own risk.

Hey guys,

I originally backported ArenaLive unitframes to TBC in 2013, but never got around to fixing some of the bugs. So I never felt like promoting it much. However, I got around to fixing those bugs.
Keep in mind, this is a backport of the 2013 version. It's NOT a backport of WoD's ArenaLive. This means not all the functionality is available, but the port was much easier to do (additionally, I had already started it in 2013).

I might eventually look into backporting the current version of this addon, but overall customization is already allowing the user pretty much everything he might want to do.

Download here

Can't post links, just look up Schaka on GitHub, you'll find it there

Different icons for different cooldowns:
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ArenaLive for TBC 2.4.3
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