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 Cooperdone Unban request

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PostSubject: Cooperdone Unban request   Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:04 pm

1 - The character/account or IP that is banned !name of hero-->Cooperdone.

2 - The reason of your ban !-->Exploit.

3 - Who Banned you ?--->Rhan.

4 - Why should we Unban you ?---> beacouse i don't know why he ban me?

5 - Anything else to add? (100 Words)--->I don't know why he banned me,a person got in my account I have no idea how he got the account,I tried to use the password recovery system in the website,and when I recovered my password I got my account banned for 10 days the reason is Master Buffs in PvP,Marko banned me.After 1 week I saw my account is banned permanently by Rhan the reason is Exploit,I don't know why.

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Cooperdone Unban request
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