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 Explain for my noob ban of my char Abadoon.

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PostSubject: Explain for my noob ban of my char Abadoon.   Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:45 pm

1 - The character/account or IP that is banned !

Account : garriel98

Main char : Abadoon.

2 - The reason of your ban !

Ädded by me gg wp for the full shit so pro reason like a others didnt added their own chars. + only Abadoon is added only the other chars i get the sets alone Smile

3 - Who Banned you ?

Still dont know who banned me.

4 - Why should we Unban you ?

Why? I may added my own char and i pay a half for it lol and banned bcs i added some things to me when i was gm this is a bull shit. Let me ask u other can add items spells and etc to their chars but only half of others cant ? SO PRO

5 - Anything else to add? (100 Words)
If u can unban me bcs that was the only main account i have.
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Explain for my noob ban of my char Abadoon.
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