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 I wanna Unban if Can

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Just Nothing

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PostSubject: I wanna Unban if Can   Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:41 pm

1 - The character/account or IP that is banned !
Chat ( Sdp ) Account ( Demoni2)

2 - The reason of your ban !
i Get 15M800K mana ( dmg heal not get up ) the gm who ban me not test it on me to see dmg or heal get bugged

3 - Who Banned you ?
i see Wukong.

4 - Why should we Unban you ?
because i wana to Play agein it's a good server and i wanna to come back to make a fun with player and friend + to help newbie for istance

5 - Anything else to add? (100 Words)
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I wanna Unban if Can
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