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 Hello Players And GM

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PostSubject: Hello Players And GM   Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:30 pm

I See Evryone Know who are me if don't know I'm, Sdp One Shaman Who Get Banned for Mana Bug i wanna to help on wukong to don't get " Demote "
I know why he will be demote because he Banned me for one bug but he not test my dmg and heal ik he wrong but is not him wrong
"kacper" evryone know him, he hate me idk why
for "kacper" Wukong Will be Demote because he so much wanna to banned me ( sdp ) idk why but for Kacper wukong wrong and not test my dmg bcs Kacper Wanna to i get ban fast and for some other wrong at my hero idk why he hate me i wanna help Wukong don't Demote it Please yea i know he wrong but he can repair this Don't Demote Wukong


Sorry if i am wrong something idk where to post it and i posted on Reports if i Am Wrong Sorry
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Hello Players And GM
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