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 Custom PvE Arena

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PostSubject: Custom PvE Arena   Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:25 pm

Hi there, I was thinking about PvE on that server and I came up with that idea. You know that arena in Nagrand ? You take few quests, one by one, and you need to kill some elites. At the end of quest chain you get your reward (usually it's a weapon). It would be really cool to have something like that in Insane. You would need to kill seriously OP! elites, or bosses, w/e, and you will get a reward at the end. It could either be a Insane Token, or due to new set, Season 2, you could make some new weps or jewelry. That quest wouldn't be repeatable so people don't farm it. The elites should have HUGE hp and HUGE damage, so it would require at least 10 poeple to do it. Hope you like that idea. Greetings, Kacper.
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Custom PvE Arena
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